Flea & Tick Control St. George

Life is too short to live with bugs. 

Fleas and Ticks are nuisances. Let the pros at Shakespeare pest control take care of those pesky disease carriers.

Understanding Flea & Tick Control

Understanding the flea & tick pest problem is the first step towards effective control. Fleas and Ticks not only cause discomfort to your pets but also pose health risks to your family members. These pests can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. That’s why it is crucial to seek professional pest solutions, like those offered by Shakespeare, to ensure the complete eradication of these pests.

Our Effective Treatment & Methods

One of the methods we employ is the use of chemical treatments. Our trained technicians apply targeted insecticides that are specifically designed to eliminate fleas and ticks. These treatments are applied in a safe and controlled manner to ensure the well-being of both humans and pets. We also offer organic and natural pest control options for those who prefer a more environmentally friendly approach.

In addition to chemical treatments, we also utilize mechanical methods to control flea and tick infestations. This may include the use of traps or physical removal of pests. Our team is skilled in identifying breeding grounds and implementing measures to disrupt the life cycle of these pests. By targeting both adult fleas and ticks as well as their eggs, we can effectively eliminate the infestation and prevent future outbreaks.

Do you have a Tick & Flea Infestation?

Fleas catch rides on the fur of rodents and other mammals. Did you know they can jump up to eight feet in the air? They are known to transmit bacterial diseases like murine typhus to humans, with their saliva causing flea allergy dermatitis in pets. They can also carry tapeworm. 

Ticks can be found in tall grasses, wooded areas, leaf piles, areas that retain moisture and many other places in the yard. They attach themselves to your skin and suck the blood, leaving behind disease that can be deadly.

If you suspect flea or tick infestation, call us for a free quote and we’ll come out to inspect the area.

What our clients are Saying

Adam StewartAdam Stewart
01:03 19 Oct 23
Cob /web RemovalGlue BoardsPermethrin GranulesTempered FxThank you Greg Leavitt. Greg waited long enough for me to drive the short distance to my house with questions about mice. We were able to begin to deal with that problem. Thank you so much Greg. I am always impressed with the details covered during each visit. Trying to find out how mice are getting into the kitchen stove?
Aimee BlackAimee Black
14:20 18 Oct 23
The entire staff were friendly knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely the right choice!
Kim HansenKim Hansen
00:12 06 Oct 23
I was appreciative that Payton adjusted my time schedule. He was friendly and took care of my pest control needs.
Vicki JensenVicki Jensen
20:22 03 Oct 23
Dustin was on time, very professional and thorough. He answered any questions and we are very happy to have Shakespeare servicing our home.
Lilac FlourLilac Flour
00:26 30 Sep 23
Shakespeare is the best Pest Control. Super friendly and professional.
Penny ElliottPenny Elliott
20:05 26 Sep 23
Great job. Always careful to make sure the cat food for our feral cats is protected from the chemicals. Greg is always very courteous and polite.
Jane ScholzenJane Scholzen
18:44 01 Sep 23
I absolutely love the lady’s that work here!! They’re so understanding an helpful! Absolutely amazing people working here!!